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Hawaiian Utility Company Undertakes Massive Solar Project

The Hawaiian Electric Co. is hoping to build nine solar farms in Oahu by 2015. If this plan materializes, it would mean the area would be populated with hundreds thousands of solar panels. This initiative is expected to lower electricity bills and eliminate the states dependency on oil-fired generators.

Apart from announcing the when they hope the solar farms will be in operation, the company refuses to reveal exactly where they plan to put all the solar panels, or the company that is going to develop them. No further information will be released until HECO has submitted final contracts to Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission for approval.
The nine solar farms are expected to produce 240 megawatts of capacity. According to calculations by the U.S. Department of Energy, 8 acres of land is required to produce a single megawatt. This means that for the hundreds of thousands of panels HECO plans to erect, they would need 1,920 acres of land.


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